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In the past 4 years we have worked on more than 25 projects with pharmaceutical partners, using Physio-Mimix™ Organs-on-Chips and related microfluidic devices to gather precise, human-relevant data. Ready to join us?

Take a closer look at some of our results so far:

Powerfully predictive – CN Bio and MIT announce 10 Organ-on-Chip Platform

In March 2018, Nature Scientific Reports covered the final milestone of a $26M DARPA program which successfully connected engineered tissues from 10 organs, accurately replicating human organ interactions for weeks at a time and allowing researchers to measure the effects of drugs on different parts of the body. This was widely covered in the press, including in TechCrunch and New Scientist who described the platform as “the best human-on-a-chip yet”.

To find out more read our article – CNBio and MIT announce 10 organ-on-a-chip platform


Artificial liver used to test viral infections

A February 2018 article in Nature Communications, reported scientists at Imperial College London demonstrated how Organ-on-a-Chip technology has been used to study viral infections, in this case Hepatitis B infection of a liver-on-a-chip. This approach aims to provide a better understanding of disease and improve the development of new treatments. It also has the potential to reduce the both cost and timeframe of clinical trials.

To find out more read our article – Hepatitis B research using CNBio Organ-on-a-Chip


Landmark collaboration marks new step forward for preclinical testing

The US regulator FDA and CN Bio will collaborate to characterise the performance of CN Bio’s Organs-on-Chips as a platform for potential use in drug development and regulatory evaluation, including safety testing prior to new drugs entering clinical trials.

To find out more read our article – FDA signs collaborative agreement

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