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One platform, many applications

The PhysioMimix™ T1 Series can be used for microfluidic and Organs-on-Chips cell culture and is compatible with a wide range of phenotypic cell-based assays, including primary cells, stem cells and cell lines.

The design allows for single or complex multi-organ experiments to fit your research needs. Existing research areas already include infectious disease, oncology, organs, drug safety and drug metabolism.

Get more from your lab space

PhysioMimix™ is a streamlined, low-footprint instrument that increases your in-lab capabilities fast, with need for minimum operational space only. 

Experimental flexibility

PhysioMimix™ open-well MPS plates are compatible with commercial inserts, tissue-specific scaffolds and scaffold-free cultures for easy scaling and onboarding of validated or bespoke model systems.

To find out more about how PhysioMimix™ can transform your research capabilities, search our rapidly growing collection of peer-reviewed articles at www.cn-bio.com/publications

The PhysioMimix T1 Series Organs-on-a-Chip system

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