Introducing PhysioMimix™: everything you need to get started with Organs-on-Chips

The PhysioMimix™ system enables human cells to be cultured so that they mimic the structure and function of human organs and tissues. It allows for the testing of systemic effects of drugs and other chemicals on living human cells and tissue-like structures in the lab.

Whether you want to maximise the potential of your existing cultures or undertake complex multi-organ studies, the PhysioMimix™ suite of hardware, consumables and assay protocols makes it simple to get started with Organs-on-Chips:

  1. Allows for single-organ and multi-organ experiments with real-time control over cell culture conditions to mimic in vivo physiology.
  2. Enables fast and easy creation of three-dimensional tissue-mimetics and automatically controls microfluidics, for long-term cell cultures yielding information-rich analysis.
  3. Compatible with a wide range of primary cells, stem cells and cell lines affording you the maximum flexibility for your unique research needs.

Discover the simple, streamlined way to emulate human biology in your own lab


Quick and easy to adopt

Set up and start running human-centred studies in a day. PhysioMimix is quick to on-board, simple to use and fully compatible with your existing lab equipment.

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Adapting to your changing research needs.

Benefit from complete flexibility in cell type and culture format for single and complex multi-organ experiments. Future-proof for your changing research needs.

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Be confident in your results

Real-time control over cell culture conditions to mimic in vivo physiology plus easy repeat sampling to give you data you can trust.

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The PhysioMimix T1 Series Organs-on-a-Chip system

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